The greatest impact is made in the togetherness of those who believe in change.

Synergy Baltimore credits our success in fulfilling our mission to the generous support of our many volunteers. We cannot do it alone. You can partner with us in one or more of the following areas:

Every 3rd Saturday of the month Synergy Baltimore hosts “Synergy Day”, a block party event open to the public where we give out clothes, care kits, and information to those in need. Synergy Day takes place at the corner of North Avenue and Gay Street – Baltimore, MD 21213. We also host food giveaways events and have partnered with various other local non-profits in assisting people in need.

Due to COVID-19, we have limited the number of events that we have monthly. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram in order to stay up to date on upcoming events.



Located in Baltimore, Maryland
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